Older Baby’s and Toddler’s

older baby

It is easiest to establish healthy sleep habits from the beginning however sometimes parents end up with an older baby or toddler who has never learned the skill of sleep or had age appropriate sleep boundaries in place. This could be due to medical issues when baby was young or simply lack of knowledge or mis-information on the parents part. Regardless of the reasons why, it is important to start where you’re at, and begin now to give your child the sleep he/she so desperately needs. I will do a sleep consultation with you to evaluate your situation and give you the tools and strategies to get your baby/toddler sleeping through the night and taking routine naps. I will teach you how to establish age appropriate sleep boundaries that give your child the security and predictabiltiy that he needs so he/she will stop resisting sleep.   In less than a week you can go from being up several times per night to having a child that now sleeps 11-12 hours through the night without waking. Older babies usually respond very quickly to the predictability of having regular feeding, wake time and naptimes. Many of these children are extremely sleep deprived from months or years of not receiving the sleep that their bodies and brains so desperately need. Once they actually start getting uninterrupted, deep, restorative sleep, their parents many times feel that they have a whole new child! The fussiness and crankiness that was once so much a part of their life is gone. They become much more alert and animated. They smile, talk and coo much more than before. The best part is that now they go to sleep and stay asleep on their own. Mom and dad can now get a full nights rest and mom can actually have some time to herself during the day while her child is napping. When her baby/toddler wakes he will be happy because he is well rested and she will be refreshed because she has had some much needed time to herself!