We had Mamie help us with the sleep training of our second baby and it was extremely helpful and we highly recommend her. Our first child had trouble sleeping and for his first two years we were basically up all night most nights. He did not want to go to bed and had trouble falling asleep and sleeping thru the night. When we had our second child we hired Mamie, she had helped a friend of ours with their daughter and came highly recommended. She started with us the day our second child came home from the hospital. He was sleeping great very soon after he got home and is now 7 months old and sleeps well through the entire night and has been since he was 3 months old. We recommend Mamie Krueger without hesitation.

All the best,
Ian Lopatin

We hired Mamie this past summer, while our boy-girl twins were just a few weeks old. We were about to move from Los Angeles to Scottsdale and we needed a new night infant care specialist.

After reviewing her qualifications, and experiencing her professionalism and dedication to her profession, we knew she was the one for us—especially to help with the nights, when we’d be most tired and confused what to do.

The night we arrived from our move, we were exhausted and overwhelmed as new parents, but we weren’t anxious about knowing what to do with our babies since we had Mamie to help us navigate the process. Best of all, we didn’t realize our babies even could be sleeping through the night within a few months.

We truly viewed our hiring Mamie as an investment in getting our parenting off to the right start, and in having happy, healthy babies. There’s also simply no other way we could have gotten through this time, especially while also settling into a new home, and with one baby having troublesome reflux issues.

Mamie is wonderful, and worth every dollar We highly recommend her to anyone wanting to hire knowledgeable and loving help for their newborns… and who wants to give the whole family the gift of sleep

Alexandria Brown & Brett Flanigan
Scottsdale, Arizona

As a first-time mom, everything with an infant can be challenging and you don’t really know what is “right.”  I had a lot of help from friends regarding what to do with my new little girl, but sleeping through the night and napping during the day seemed to be the issue that we just couldn’t figure out.  I’d read a bunch of “recommended” books and gotten some help from them, but the one issue I had with the books is they never could answer my specific questions.  I found myself reading and re-reading chapters looking for answers to specific questions and only coming back frustrated. 

A friend had recommended Mamie to us and I scoffed thinking, “we don’t need that and can’t afford that.”  But it soon became apparent that we did need her help, and now looking back I wish we had started working with Mamie months before we did!  And as far as the expense, I have often said that Mamie is getting the raw end of the deal.  Since we live in Tucson, we did our consultation via Skype.  I was immediately at ease with her, as was my husband, who was kind of a skeptic before we talked to her.  I was the one reading the books and directing him in what to do, but because he was part of the conversation with Mamie, he knew what the plan was and became much more active in working on our baby girl’s sleeping.  We spent at least a few hours on Skype explaining our schedule, issues, what we had tried, etc. and listening to what Mamie had to say.  Then, we made a few changes and prayed.  Within a week, our daughter was sleeping better and we were as well. 

I talked to Mamie everyday for awhile to follow-up, get new ideas and positive reinforcement that we were doing ok.  Those phone calls made me feel SO much better, because I was hearing that we were doing things right and our daughter would get it.  The best part of the consultation package is the follow-up which is included and never costs another cent.  It was so helpful to think, “I just have one question to ask” and not have to worry about what kind of fee that would incur because we were out of the initial time frame or whatever. 

Mamie communicates with us over email, text and phone.  Now we are at a point where we may not talk for days or even a week or two at a time, but I know I can call or text her with any questions I have.  We started running into issues again, and many times when I text her in the middle of the night, she’ll still get back to me rather quickly.  Her knowledge isn’t only limited to baby sleep, she knows all kinds of tricks to deal with teething, illness, etc. when it comes to babies.  And she has the experience to back up the knowledge. 

We just transitioned our daughter from a 3 hour schedule to a 3.5 hour schedule, and the change in her sleeping (both during the day and at night) is amazing.  In the past, she’s been a happy girl, until you want her to go to sleep. But with the right schedule, she is happy to go to sleep for an hour or two, and wake up ready to eat and play.  We would be at a total loss without Mamie as far as sleeping goes.  She has been a God-send and I recommend her to friends with new babies all the time.  My one big thing that I say is “Don’t wait to call her!  Call her NOW and get going because the road will be easier the sooner you start.”  Mamie also shares in our victories and it is nice to know we are making progress, and be able to celebrate that progress with someone outside our family. 

She is a great lady and so easy to talk to.  I call her my friend and not just our sleep coach.  She truly is the “Baby Whisperer.”

The Rowe Family

When I contacted Mamie my daughter was 13 months old and was getting up three times during the night, which was as often as she did when she was a newborn. We either had to spend 20 minutes rocking her back to sleep or bring her to our bed. Needless to say we were desperate for more sleep.

Within three days of implementing Mamie’s plan, my daughter was sleeping 10-12 solid hours every night. And within a week naps were settled and she was consistently napping longer than 45 minutes for the first time in her life! At times it was tough, but Mamie was always there for me, even going so far as to let me know when she was going to the gym and wouldn’t be available on her phone for an hour. I had read all the books, but the problem for us was that when something was happening that was different from the books we didn’t know what to do and would just give up. Every baby is different and every family is different, so it’s incredibly important to have someone who you can talk to throughout the process. The sleep training we did with Mamie’s help was absolutely priceless. My little one was such a happier baby afterwards! We weren’t the only ones not getting enough sleep. The whole household is now a much healthier and happier place.

Sabrina P.

My son was born May 23rd, 2012. This is my first child and I wasn’t very prepared for what was about to happen… From the moment I brought him home from the hospital until he was 5 weeks old (when I met Mamie) he would only sleep 2 hours at a time and be up for 5 to 6 hours in a very cranky mood. My husband and I were at our wits end until we met Mamie (the lifesaver!). Mamie was so pleasant, empathetic, and informative. The first thing she did was to instruct us on proper swaddling techniques (preventing the newborn startle reflex). In addition, she instructed us on how to make sure he was getting enough daytime calories while maintaining an appropriate routine for his age. The first night following these 2 steps he showed an immense improvement. Our son slept SIX hours that first night! Needless to say, by the time he was 2 months old he was sleeping 8 to 10 hours per night and taking adequate naps through the day. He is now 5 months old and is consistent in going down at 7PM and waking up at 630AM every day. My husband and I have a completely different baby… this baby is happy, energetic, and most importantly…rested. Everybody asks me how we got him to get on such an amazing schedule. I always tell them one word: MAMIE!


Courtney & Igor
Phoenix, AZ

When having our 2nd child I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t realize how much more I would need my sleep in order to keep up with my busy 3 year old during the day. My husband and I did some research and we were referred to Mamie for some night time help. I assumed we would just use her for a week, but when we saw the benefit of the training that Mamie did we ended up keeping her for 5 weeks! Right away Mamie put our 2 week old on a routine and within 1 day she was sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night. I couldn’t believe how well the routine worked. Mamie would arrive in the evening and go over all of our questions from the day and then leave us to our sleep. Mamie is extremely knowledgable, comforting, and it was so great to have her in our home. Our daughter was sleeping 8-10 hours at night by 6 weeks old and 12 hours a night by 8 weeks old. She was on a great nap schedule and able to fall asleep on her own. The knowledge and the help that Mamie gave us was with out a doubt the best investment we could have made. We were happy parents during the day and our daughter was a happy baby . I have referred Mamie to many friends who are thrilled after using her. I would refer her to anyone I know!
Thank-you Mamie for the gift of Sleep!

Jenny and Jason Goldman

sigona familyThere are three types of people in this world: those who make mistakes and repeat them, those who learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them, and those who learn from the mistakes of others thereby avoiding mistakes in the first place. As new parents we decided to minimize the mistake making by taking classes, reading books, collecting questions which we would then pose to experienced friends and family, and by hiring a night nanny and sleep training expert. We were new parents and rather than figuring everything out on our own or asking friends and family after having a problem or making a mistake, we felt it was much smarter to have an expert present to give us the best practices at the outset and prevent any bad habits from developing.

What is the value of a good night’s sleep? What is the cost of a bad night’s sleep or prolonged sleeplessness?  Many of our relatives and older friends recalled the weeks or even years of broken sleep, lost income, and stress stress STRESS which resulted from a child who wouldn’t sleep through the night.

No thanks. Let’s avoid that.

We personally interviewed 7 different night nannies/sleep consultants before making a final decision. Hiring Mamie Krueger to perform sleep training services was some of the best money we have ever spent, on anything, ever. Seriously. Having Mamie in our home for a short period immediately after our daughter was born was of tremendous help since Jon had to go back to work. That alone was an excellent value, but more importantly she put us on the right track to sleep train our daughter, and made herself available to answer questions long after she completed her contact term, at no extra charge, whenever we hit a bump in the road. Her services went well beyond caring for our newborn daughter during the overnight hours. Mamie trained us. She gave us the know-how so that we were able to complete the sleep training that she started, and by 9 weeks of age our daughter was sleeping from 7 pm to 7am the vast majority of nights. She falls asleep around 7pm, sleeps peacefully through the night, and wakes up happy the next morning at 7am. It’s a beautiful thing.

Mamie Krueger is an honest, trustworthy woman who is easy to get along with, while still being focused and diligent. Her skills and tutelage have had an enormously beneficial impact on our family life, livelihood and marital happiness. Hiring Mamie Krueger was a very wise investment. We strongly recommend Mamie Krueger.

Cindy and Jon Sigona

Mamie was an absolute blessing to our family! Our 4 month old boy/girl twins had gone from sleeping almost completely through the night, to all of a sudden up every 2 hours and on no nap schedule whatsoever during the day. I had no idea what to do to fix the problem, but knew I couldn’t last this sleep deprived for long. Living in Texas, I tried to find someone local, but was so desperate I decided to hire Mamie. Knowing she was miles away and would never meet my babies or me face to face, it was a huge risk that thankfully turned into the greatest reward. Mamie and I chatted over the phone numerous times a day as she helped me get the twins on a good nap schedule, which in turn helped them learn to sleep through the night. I was amazed that within a week, both babies were sleeping 12 hours a night and taking great naps during the day. I honestly never thought it was possible and Mamie made it happen in just a few days. Life was immediately pleasant again and it has been this way ever since. Mamie was readily available to talk to, extremely friendly and filled with helpful advice and knowledge. She has continued to check in on our family and I know she is available to help if any new sleep issue were to arise in the future. We would highly recommend using Mamie if you are out of state, as the distance did not seem to deter her ability to help us at all. She was fantastic and we are forever thankful she stepped in at such a time of need.

Melissa G.

We contacted Mamie about two weeks before I returned to work based on the recommendation of our friend; who raved about Mamie and her methods.

Our baby was sleeping about 4-6 hours a night and still waking at least once in the middle of the night. I was exhausted and concerned about how I would manage once I returned to work.
I talked to Mamie one night and she recommended that I start the routine the next morning. I was nervous and slightly skeptical but I followed her directions and that first night our baby slept about 8 hours. We were amazed and so grateful. Mamie is terrific! She is so responsive and available. She really tries to understand each challenge and help you to problem solve specific to your baby and their needs. She also gave me the freedom to be “mommy” and that was very comforting. Without hesitation, I have recommended Mamie to five of my fellow new moms.

Heather Frazzano

My name is Marcie Herzog and my husband, Joe, and I have 2 children. We have a 4-year old daughter and (now) a 13-month old son. When our son, Von, was 11 months old we contacted Mamie Krueger for help getting our little man to sleep through the night.
I went back to work after 12 weeks of maternity leave and suffered for MONTHS due to being sleep deprived. My husband and I would take turns getting up at night to comfort our son and attempted the Cry-It Out method without success on two different occasions. Finally we realized that we needed help. I only wish I would have realized that simple conclusion MUCH earlier!
My first impression after talking to Mamie was incredible! I had already interviewed two other sleep coaches and I could tell she was about truly helping us and not about taking our money in the easiest and quickest way possible. In fact, she led me to the option that was not the most lucrative for her. The simple suggestions she provided over the phone were also in line with what my pediatrician had stated so I felt very comfortable with her knowledge and experience.

After discussing my impression with my husband, we hired Mamie and scheduled her to meet our family. Mamie was very flexible with her schedule to come to our home and within an hour and a half of her visit we had a clear plan of what we needed to do. She left, and my husband and I embarked on our journey to get our son to sleep. Within 2 nights he slept THROUGH THE NIGHT! I was in constant contact with Mamie with various questions and she always responded so quickly.
I have continued to utilize Mamie’s expertise to help my son sleep at daycare, to wean him off bottles and to take better naps! She has been a miracle worker for our family and we are all so much happier now that we are well rested!
I highly recommend her and would welcome talking to anyone with more specific questions.
Good luck!

Marcie Herzog
May 4, 2012

My husband and I were recently blessed with twins (boy/girl). They are currently 6 months old and we also have a four year old (girl) toddler. Mamie was our gift from God. When she came into our life the twins were 6 weeks old. My husband and I had long run out of adrenaline and were burnt out. They were not on any kind of schedule and to make matters worse, they were not even on the same schedule. We literally would go some nights without sleep. This was not only wearing on us but our four year old as well. The first night Mamie came over she had them sleeping in their cribs. It was such a relief to not have to worry about our babies at night and get some much needed rest.

She is very informative and is always there to answer questions. She would let us know how the babies were doing and kept a great nightly log with details about how they did. Mamie finished with our family over a month ago but still keeps in contact and always replies to any questions I still have.

At 8 weeks old the babies contracted RSV. The boy twin was hit pretty hard and needed breathing treatments through the night. Mamie never hesitated, was happy to do it and administered them for us as needed. Our son was also diagnosed with milk protein intolerance. During the trying times of figuring out what was wrong with him, Mamie gave us advice and helped us work through it. Because of her sleep training, once he switched to his new formula he was sleeping through the night. He is now one happy baby boy!

I am forever grateful that my twins are now on a great schedule, sleep through the night, and most importantly- are on the SAME schedule. I actually have time to myself during the day!
It was very hard for me to part with Mamie but it makes me happy to know that other families will be blessed with her kindness, knowledge and loving ways. We are forever grateful to have met her and to have had her as part of our family for 10 weeks.

Laura Mueller

Dear Fellow Parents,

It was not long ago that we were in your shoes. If you’re reading this, your child isn’t sleeping, and both you and your baby are exhausted. Your work and relationships may be suffering. You may not remember a day that you felt rested, or even coherent, for a very long time. We certainly didn’t. We were there. Our son was just about 12 months v old before we decided to enlist Mamie’s help in getting him to sleep. For a year, I had been up with him 4-10 times a night. He would only go back to sleep while nursing or sucking on a bottle. It was brutal, but I kept telling myself “It’ll be better next month,” or “I’m being a good mother by responding to my child’s needs.” I was very hesitant about “sleep training” but after 12 months of severe sleep deprivation, I could take no more. I had gained 30 pounds AFTER the baby was born due to the constant surge of stress hormones in my body, and was too exhausted to cook or take care of myself. The final straw was when I saw my son waking up with bags under his own eyes – and I knew I had to do something. Waiting it out wasn’t working.

From the first phone call with Mamie, she assessed our situation, gave us tools and a clear plan to follow. It turned out that the culture of our house was not conducive to helping our baby sleep. Mamie deftly addressed our feeding, napping, and playtime habits and put us on a regular routine which was based on sequence of events. This turned out to be the best thing for our son. We discovered that babies are “cued” from their environment and we had not been setting the stage for healthy infant habits – we had been treating our son like a little adult! From the very first day, the changes we made impacted our family in a positive way, and within one week, we had made significant progress! By day 10 , he was able to sleep through the night, waking a few times but not needing any assistance in going back to sleep. Now, a month later, he sleeps through the night about 90% of the time, and is able to soothe himself back to sleep the vast majority of the time. We feel like a million dollars! It’s amazing what a little sleep can do!

In addition, our always good-natured son has become even more happy, cuddly, and inquisitive. In retrospect, he had been telling us all along that he was tired and needed more sleep, but we didn’t understand him. Mamie gave us the tools to identify signs of fatigue, and supported us through our process of instilling good sleep habits. In the beginning, I’d call and text many times a day with almost immediate responses. Any question I had was answered in a professional and kind way.

When we told her that we weren’t comfortable with letting our son cry-it-out, Mamie worked with us to find a solution that was effective yet tolerable for our family. We used a gentler gradual extinction method, where at first we comforted him in his room as he worked through his tears, and as he became more and more comfortable with staying in his bed, we gradually moved away and out. Five minutes was our maximum cry time at first, which slowly lengthened as we all
became accustomed to the new routine. Together we found ways to make this as painless as possible for our baby (and us). We put a bottle of water in the crib in case our son needed a drink, as he was used to
nursing several times a night. We stopped nighttime diaper changes and switched to a disposable 12-hour overnight diaper, which kept him dry and comfortable. It didn’t take long for our son to realize that even though we were in another room, we were still there and would attend to his needs if he really needed us. Today, he is a very happy, well rested boy.

I would absolutely recommend Mamie to fellow parents and plan on using her services again with our next baby. Her passion for this work shows in her dedication and constant availability to her clients. I call her even now, months later, if our son has a bad night or with any other questions I have. I know of no other company that provides this level of service besides Apple! She is a constant source of information, without question, a mom’s mom. I also appreciate her flexibility in helping us find a solution that worked for our family in a supportive, non-judgemental way. While this ultimately resulted in our process taking longer (Mamie’s way would have taken a week or less, our way took a little more than a week), we felt better about easing our son into the transition and Mamie respected that.

This is a big decision for you, I know. It was for us too. While it was a difficult transition, our family is so much better for it. I hope this letter has been helpful and invite you to email with any questions you may have. You can do this! Soon, with Mamie’s help, your sleepless nights will be over.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Amani

Karissa and I want to take a moment to write you a letter expressing our gratitude for your exceptional services in helping our daughter and us sleep peacefully. Prior to hiring you, we struggled with when our daughter should sleep and eat. She had us on her schedule, which was irregular at best. During our first consultation with you, you spent as much time as we needed answering our questions and putting our minds at ease. Your schedule has worked flawlessly and we now have a very happy and content baby. Furthermore, it has been a huge benefit having the ability to ask you questions when something arises with our daughter such as new sleeping habits, changing her feeding schedule, getting her comfortable in her crib, etc. Having someone with your extensive baby experience at the tip of our fingertips is invaluable.

Hiring you was the best decision we made regarding the health and well being of our family. We recommend your services to all new parents especially if they feel overwhelmed and in need of help that works.

Thank you,

Erik and Karissa Ma

khan familyMy husband, David, and I have been blessed with twin girls. Amelia and Makenzie were healthy but small when born and therefore were on a demanding feeding schedule for their first 6 weeks of life. At the beginning of this journey David and I were convinced we could handle it ourselves. After one month of being home, the adrenaline was long gone, and we had reached the point of exhaustion. We quickly realized we needed some help. All it took was meeting Mamie to immediately know we had found the perfect fit for our family.

It was clear that Mamie truly cared for our girls and it was not just a job for her. She gave me peace of my mind allowing me to relax and get some much needed sleep. Mamie used her extensive personal knowledge and further researched any issues that came up until we found a solution. She helped us alleviate the pain of reflux that Amelia was experiencing. When the girls got their first illness, she had answers. Mamie provided the knowledge and advice but we had the ultimate say in how to proceed. We collaborated to reach a methodology that we all were comfortable with in order to reach success. As a result, I had complete confidence that she was caring for the girls exactly how I would. Mamie not only impressed us, she impressed both sets of very protective grandparents with her knowledge, people skills and caring personality.

I have no doubt that her methods are the reason the girls are so good about bedtime and have been sleeping 12 hours a night since they were 4 months old(13 weeks adjusted age). Mamie’s training has allowed me to have consistency and order in a fun but busy life of twins. It has allowed my husband and I to have dinners and enjoy our evenings together while the girls are soundly sleeping. Mamie did not just get us through the difficult times, she is largely responsible for the happy, well-rested family we have today.

It has been 2 months since Mamie finished her job with us and her presence is still felt every day. When we hired Mamie, we were looking for a short term solution – someone to watch our twin girls at night so we could get some sleep. We were naïve to what a positive impact Mamie’s sleep training and immense understanding of newborns would have on our lives. The knowledge and love that Mamie imparted on us will always be a part of our family.

– David and Karen Kahn

Mamie Krueger is a miracle worker! She came into our family’s life at a very stressful time and her confident, gentle and reassuring manner was just what we needed. Our 5 month old grandson had not been on any schedule and his parents were exhausted and stressed. I was an experienced Grandmother but I had no idea how to get a schedule going with an older infant who had never been on one at all. We had heard about Newborn Care Specialists but my daughter-in-law feared such a service would be from an overly stern person who would just let her baby “cry it out”. Mamie came to our home and immediately put us at ease. She clearly explained the benefits of a schedule, made a plan with us that assured us the baby would not be left to endlessly cry, and stayed with us to show us how it would work. And miraculously it did!! Within three days Hayden went from eating and sleeping in short 2-3 hour stretches all day and night to sleeping soundly from 8PM till 8AM and was a completely different, happy and well rested baby! I would never have believed such quick and painless results were possible!

Perhaps even more impressive was how Mamie demonstrated that she was truly a caring person by making herself available many times after she left for follow up support and advice. Her warmth and caring heart was a Godsend!

We can’t thank her enough and highly recommend her for any family looking for a safe and loving method of teaching you and your baby how to establish a great sleep schedule!

Call me if you have any questions about our experience with Mamie!

– Julie Hancock

TO: Families In Search of Infant Care
From: The Cohen Family

Re: Mamie Kruger www.mysleepingbaby.com

We are writing this letter after our experience with Mamie Kruger and our new daughter; like most parents we had been through the pregnancy experience and were just not prepared for the 24/7 care and training our infant would require.

So after 10 sleepless nights, we started interviewing for assistance and we met Mamie. We immediately connected with her and started our due diligence before we contracted. We created a strategy with Mamie that worked with our family schedule and concerns, and primarily training our baby to sleep all night.

Mamie’s service was the best experience and investment we could have made for ourselves and our baby. After 3 months she is sleeping from 7 pm to 7am without waking up!

We continue to get advice and guidance from her as she has become an invaluable asset to us and we consider her part of our family.

Our family is very picky and private so finding the right person was hard. Mamie is professional, healthy and knows how to care for infants with a good heart and integrity.

I recommend Mamie and her service to any family fortunate enough to have the opportunity of her presence.

Thank You

– The Cohen Family

Nurturing is defined as giving tender care and encouraging somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful.  Nurturing is what Mamie Krueger does best. When my son, Ethan was born, I was very eager to put him on an eating/sleeping schedule but had no experience with newborns.  With Mamie’s education, guidance and never-ending patience, Ethan was eating on a schedule almost immediately and sleeping 11 hours through the night at 11 weeks old! Because Ethan was such a great sleeper and on such a solid daytime routine it made the transition when I had to return to work so much easier.

I was able to give his daycare worker his schedule and all she had to do was follow it.  It completely took the guesswork out of caring for him. I know that others will love Mamie as much as we did and reap the benefits of her wealth of knowledge and expertise. The foundation that Mamie gave to my son has carried throughout his 3 years of life.  Ethan has amazing sleep habits which contribute to a very happy child and family.  He definitely thrives on the routine that was established in the very beginning of his life. Mamie nurtured our entire family and we are forever grateful that she is part of our lives.

– David and Carol Johnson

I am a mom of 6 month old twins…a boy & a girl. We had the pleasure of having Mamie help us sleep train them at 4 months old. For 4 months they had been eating around the clock every 3 hours. They were 8 weeks premature, so we had to wait until they weighed enough to sustain sleeping through the night. The 1st thing Mamie did was eliminate the night feeds… Which she was able to do in one night with no crying at all. The babies showed us that they actually didn’t need them, that they were eating out of habit. She taught us that as long as they were getting enough calories during the day that they didn’t need the middle of the night feeds…Boy was she right! What a nice feeling to know that we could now get some much needed sleep throughout the night.Mamie spent quite a bit of time educating me & my husband on where our babies were at & what they were capable of doing based on their age and weight.

Her knowledge & passion for what she does allowed my “sleep deprived” family to have a sense of calmness & organization back, even with twins! She helped us create an appropriate feeding/play/sleep schedule based on our babies’ needs. The best part is that even after Mamie left our home, she is still always available by telephone to help us as different things come up as the babies get older…and she does it with enthusiasm! Having a Newborn Care Specialist help us vs. a night nanny was so much more beneficial. Rather than having someone simply feed our babies while we slept, Mamie educated & taught us how to make changes in the babies’ daily routine in order for them to learn how to sleep through the night. I only wish I could have had her stay with us longer! She has a kind, caring disposition and genuineness about her which are very important qualities to me, especially when that person is taking care of my little loves!!

– Nicole Dowburd-Klisara

We are thrilled to recommend Mamie Krueger’s services for any parents looking to help their little one(s) move toward a healthy sleeping and eating schedule. After a number of restless days and nights, Mamie’s approach was recommended by a family member. My wife and I had the opportunity to view her credentials ahead of time and felt she was a good person to help get us on track. We contacted her when our son was around 4 weeks old.

The initial in-house consultation with Mamie was refreshing. She told us very simple things we needed to do, and in a short period of time, we would see impressive results. Sure enough, her words were spot on. Our monetary investment in her skills and teachings was not only worth it, but it vastly improved our son’s sleeping and eating schedule as well as our lifestyle.

We feel it is important to point out that Mamie’s work with the parents does not conclude after the face-to-face meeting. She is always available for follow up calls, e mails/texts as the need arises. This alone has been a huge asset, particularly for my wife. It is also worth noting that the process does require patience, a positive attitude and a diligent effort from the parents. If you stay the course, you will most certainly see some incredible results.

Our son began sleeping all the way through the night around the time he hit three months old–“all the way through the night” is from 7pm to 7am, 12 hours of sleep! He is also very good about taking naps during the day, and overall, is a very happy and joyful baby. We firmly believe he is this way because of Mamie’s help and teachings.

If you are finding that there really is no particular pattern to your child’s days and nights, and frustration is starting to settle in, we highly encourage you to give Mamie a call. She will provide a great deal of assistance in helping your baby to get on a routine and learning to sleep through the night. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

– Cory and Lisa Parsons

Iam writing this as a letter of recommendation for Mamie Krueger. I recently had my third child and had no intentions of needing a “baby nurse” or NCS. After about 2 weeks, I realized that my third child was “colicky”. She was up almost all night, every night screaming and needed to be held and soothed for comfort. My brother and sister-in-law were working with a colleague of Mamie’s and introduced us. By an act of serendipity, our schedules worked and Mamie came to stay with us for her first 24-hour care assignment. She stayed with us for 3 weeks (I wish it could have been longer!) and she did wonders for our baby! Immediately, Mamie helped our baby into a set routine during the day, and even though she had digestive troubles, she worked with her on a night routine as well. The self-soothing techniques were amazing and even though she had trouble sleeping between feedings at night due to tummy pain, she was still able to extend her nighttime feedings to up to 8 hours by the time she left (our baby was 7 weeks old, but 4 weeks premature). In addition, she worked with us on “colic” remedies and dietary changes since I was breastfeeding.

We researched many areas and ultimately discovered that my child had a milk-protein intolerance or allergy. Finally, very reluctantly, we switched to a hypoallergenic formula and almost immediately we had a new baby at night! All of the sleep training had been effective and she was able to sleep long stretches between feedings because of the self-soothing techniques she had learned at a very young age. Using the techniques Mamie taught us, we were able to continue to improve her sleep and by 12 weeks old, she was no longer feeding at night.Our baby is extremely happy and calm, all the time, and I am convinced it is because of her routine and schedule. She is never hungry or over-tired because of her routine and this has made a difficult transition to a family of 5, much easier. We thoroughly enjoyed having Mamie as a part of our family, even briefly, and it was one of the best things we could have done for our family!

– Leah and Kevin Warren and family