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Night Time Care

Complete Newborn Care and SleepTraining Includes:

  • Provide total overnight care of baby so parents can get a full night’s sleep and start each day with their baby rested and rejuvenated
  • Consult with parents at beginning of shift to review baby’s day and address any concerns/questions/issues they may have
  • Instruct parents on complete, comprehensive newborn care
  • Keep detailed nightly log of baby’s feedings, sleep behaviors, diaper changes, and all details that occurred during the night so parents have a clear picture of their baby’s progress, patterns, behaviors, issues, and milestones
  • Provide education on daytime routine and napping patterns to ensure baby is getting adequate rest during the day
  • Proper Swaddling Techniques
  • Teach Sleep Training methods that adhere to the parent’s personal goals and parenting beliefs
  • Provide breastfeeding/formula education and support
  • Provide Colic and reflux relief/management
  • The final result will be a baby that sleeps 11-12 hours by approximately 12 weeks of age

Singletons: $30/hr.
Twins: $35/hr.
Triplets: $40/hr.

In Home Consultation- 0-3 Months

This service is for parents with babies 0-3 months. If you are the parent who wants to do the sleep conditioning  yourself but would like the help of a sleep expert to get you started, so you can be consistent, educated and empowered through the sleep conditioning process, then this is the service for you.  This includes 3 months of ongoing follow up support. This service is great for expecting parents as well as parents of newborns or young babies . It is also very beneficial for parents with an older baby who have developed negative sleep habits that are preventing them from getting the deep restorative sleep that their brains and body’s so desperately need. I will come into your home and spend 2-3 hours with you. I will learn about your families goals, objectives and personal parenting style. I will review your baby’s daily routine and any specific issues your baby is struggling with. I will teach you how to start your baby on the path of learning how to get healthy restorative sleep. I provide all of the day to day support as you walk through implementing the strategies and techniques that I will teach you.  Follow up support is included  for 3  months from date of consult, via e mail, phone or text. If you would like to continue with follow up support after 3 months, I offer consulting services charged at a rate of $50/half hour.

Consultation Fee:

Singleton: $525.00
Multiples $650.00

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Phone/Virtual Consultation- 4 months and older

This service is for families who have babies that are older than 3 months or any family who lives out of the Phoenix metropolitan area. This includes all of the sleep training education and printed information that is provided with an in home consultation. I also provide follow up support for 3 months from date of consult, Monday through Friday  via phone, e mail or text. If you would like to continue with follow up support after 3 months, I offer consulting services charged at a rate of $50/ half hour.

Consultation Fee:

Singleton: $475.00 (0-3 months)

Singleton: $425.00 (4+ months)

Multiples: $625.00 (0-3 months)

Multiples: $575.00 (4+ months)

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Half Hour Consultation

This is for parents who are mostly on the right track with their baby or toddlers sleeping habits and don’t need a comprehensive consultation.  You just need some tweaking or troubleshooting advice. This is a pay by the half hour  service and all correspondence is charged at this rate. I invoice at the end of each month

Half  Hour Consultation fee: $50.00

Free Phone Assessment

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to help you assess your situation and to offer general feedback on sleep training solutions and the variety of services that I offer. I will give you  feedback regarding your situation and a general idea of the results that you could expect given your  individual needs and parenting style.

24/7 Care

This service is for parents looking for short or long term care. This service includes all aspects of the night time care service, plus daytime care. I will come into your home the day you bring your baby home from the hospital and help you as you begin learning about the day to day care of your newborn. I will assist you in feeding (if bottle feeding) or offer breastfeeding support. I will assist you with diapering and bathing. I will teach you soothing techniques, and how to properly swaddle your baby for longer night time sleep. I will educate you in all aspects of newborn care and sleep training methods. I am there to help you in every way as you learn to care for your newborn. I give comfort and reassurance to the mom who has never cared for a newborn before, as well as help the mom who has other young children to care for. I am able to give her the extra help and rest that she needs so that she in turn can recover more quickly.

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