Benefits of Hiring a Newborn Care Specialist

new born care specialist

Bringing home a baby is an exciting time in every parent’s life. However, many parents find that that they are not really as prepared as they thought they were for day to day life with a newborn. Soon, they find themselves sleep deprived just trying to get through each day with no predictability or routine to their days or nights. Sleep is a thing of the past and they have no idea when or if life is ever going to return to “normal”. Every book says something different and every well-meaning friend has their own piece of advice as to what worked for them. This is where a Newborn Care Specialist is an invaluable resource. You will have your own personal Baby and Sleep Training Expert available to help direct and guide you through one of the most joyous, but often overwhelming, times in your life. I will come into your home and help you to establish order, routine and rest. Yes, even life with a newborn can have order and rest! I will help you to take the guesswork out of caring for your newborn and help make the transition of bringing a new baby into your home as smooth as possible. I will help you to avoid many of the common mistakes that many parents unknowingly make. Mistakes that many times prevent their baby from sleeping through the night until they are much older. Here are some key sleep training fundamentals that I teach each family:

  • How to establish a feeding, wake time, sleeping routine that meets not only the baby’s needs but the needs of the entire family.
  • How to make sure your baby is getting enough calories during the day to ensure proper growth and longer stretches of sleep at night.
  • How to make sure the breastfeeding mom is giving her baby a “full feeding” so she doesn’t fall into the pattern of feeding every 1-2 hours all day and night.
  • How to discern your baby’s cries and respond accordingly. Babies cry for a variety of reasons. They may be hungry, tired, overtired, over stimulated, or having stomach discomfort. Many parents will respond to all of these with food. The end result is still a crying baby. This leads to frustrated parents and a frustrated baby. Knowing why your baby is crying is key to meeting their needs and bringing peace and calm to your baby and your home.
  • How to properly swaddle your newborn
  • The importance of allowing your baby to learn to self soothe so they do not become dependent on someone (or something) to “put them to sleep.”
  • How to set up bedtime/naptime routines that cue your babies brain that it’s time to go to sleep.
  • How to understand your newborns sleep cycles.
  • Proven soothing techniques that will calm even the fussiest of babies.

I will be able to help you navigate through the many issues, questions and concerns that arise while learning to care for your newborn. I will give you the education, support and encouragement that will ultimately bring long term success to your entire family. The end result will be a baby that sleeps 11-12 hours by 12 weeks of age.